Bankhead Farm Bed & Breakfast

In The Heart of Scotland

Bankhead Farm is a family business run by Robert and Heather Warnock and the facilities have been progressively modernised and upgraded to offer both a comfortable living space and an enjoyable experience while you experience Scotland.

The farm is situated in the Bathgate Hills overlooking Edinburgh, Livingston and over the Firth of Forth to the Ochils (from the Celtic “uchil” – the high ground), the range of hills north of Bankhead Farm, Forth valley bordered by the towns of Stirling, Alloa, Kinross and Perth.

Bankhead farms’ location in the heart of Scotland offers the perfect location to experience the scenic beauty, culture and history which Scotland is world famous.

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The building to the right of the farm house is the old barn which after a recent conversion, now forms the main accommodation for our guests.

Bankhead Farm is fully working and operational and its 250 acres are now completely organically farmed where each day you can see the family working the land and tending the animals. You are free to take a walk around the farm at any time but please tell Robert or Heather first as they have a few guidelines about the livestock.

Springtime is an exciting time when the wee lambs are about with some always needing to be hand-reared. If you are staying with us at the time, you will find it interesting watching the lambs being fed with their milk bottles.

We are delighted when visitors take an interest in the everyday running of the farm and when they find the experience both different and rewarding. It is for us and we’re sure it will be for you too!

Extensive wildlife surrounds the farm and on the land including, Whooper Swans, Skylarks, Badgers, Partridges & Pheasants, Owls & Hawks, Herons and Brown Hares

If, however, it’s peace and tranquillity you’re after, then you’ll find no better attraction than Bankhead Farm itself. Find some time for a walk across the hills and take in the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Recent woodland plantings have created a network of paths which are directly accessible from your accommodation with easy access to Beecraigs Country Park. The only sound, will be that of your own breath meeting the morning air and mingling with the calls of the local wildlife and farm animals.

Whatever your taste. You’re sure to find something of interest in and around your holiday or vacation accommodation at Bankhead Farm B&B and Self-Catering.